Lichen planus;What Is It and How To Get Rid Of It
Lichen planus

Lichen planus;What Is It and How To Get Rid Of It

Lichen planus

Lichen planus is a disorder that affects all the types of skin but mostly found in wet skin like mouth and genital region.  Planus disease mainly forms the rashes that are itchy and are mostly painful. If this disease is present in the mouth it causes many irritating symptoms like Burning feeling or soreness. soreness.

Treatment Of lichen planus:

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Kind of Lichen Planus disease

In many conditions, the lichen Planus disease might occur in involve many reasons that are still not found.

Classic lichen planus is seen to be red or little violet flat-topped bumps. They are mainly very itchy.

Lichen planus present in the region of nails makes the structure of nail very thin, scarring, and in some cases, the complete nail is lost.

  • lichen planes present in the vaginal or oral region present in the wet area of the mouth and vagina, it creates infection here and makes it a disease that is a dangerous form of this disease, it also leads to the complete removal of skin and makes the raw area open. These causes are too ch painful.
  • Lichen planus pigmentosus is present in the person with colors. Often happens due to the sunlight. It has no itching feelings but skin might get grey.
  • the hair follicles on the area of the scalp causing the scarring and baldness. This disease is mostly prest in e center region of the scalp, including the frontal region hair. It also causes itching and has the scalp burning symptom.

Cause of lichen planus:

The main cause of having Lichen Planus is not fully known but few of the points may contribute to its causes, these are:

  • A patient may be suffering from Hepatitis C, a virus that attacks your liver
  • A patient may be suffering from the side effect of medicines, involving some drugs present in the treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and malaria
  • A patient may be suffering from side effects caused by fillings in your teeth
  • A patient may be suffering from the autoimmune reaction
    This disease the autoimmune system attack the body’s mth and other parts and starts harming them.

Symptoms Of Lichen Planus:

Symptoms of lichen planus that affect ur body are the main thing to know you are having this disease. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • the symptom of your skin due to the lichen planus is that there will be red and purple pimps on your skin. The bumps on t skin are firm and cause the itchy feeling. When the pumps finish they will leave the dark patches onto your skin. The patches that occur get finished in a few months.
  • The symptom that occurs in the cause of lichen planus of mouth is the lacy patch that appears like a white dot inside the mouth. These patches are most abundantly seen in the cheek or tongue inner region. There will be mother symptoms they cause the redness and soreness in your mouth.
  • The LichanPlanus that is present in the region of your nail also shows one of the major symptoms to identify this disease. So in case of this  planus, the nail gets thinner, weaker, ridges and in one stage it ill be removed completely.