New Treatments For Polycythemia Vera: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
Polycythemia vera treatment

New Treatments For Polycythemia Vera: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Polycythemia vera – Veraceton


Polycythemia vera is one of the kinds of blood cancer. In this disease, the one marrow makes a lot of red blood cells. This results in making the red blood cell thick. This results in producing blood clots in the blood.

New treatments for polycythemia vera is not a common disease. A person may have his disease and he will know about his disease after a lot of time. Most people get to know about their polycythemia vera after a blood test in which there are blood clots and bone marrow abnormal activity.

If Polycythemia is not treated it results in very bad consequences. Death can also occur in this disease. If a person gets proper medication and takes propr care o it, a person can get a cure quickly.


Treatment of polycythemia vera:

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Blood tests:

The blood tests show the following signs if you are suffering from Poilyctheia Vera:

  • There will be more blood cells in the blood, The constitutes of the blood will be more that include; platelets, white blood cells, and plasma will be present in large quantities in the blood.
  • There ll be ore blood volume than normal because there will be thickening of the blood.
  • There will be more hemoglobin found in the blood that is involved in the carrying transportation of the oxygen.
  • The hormone will be less to control the production of red blood cells in bone marrow hence bone marrow will produce more red blood cells.
  • This test involves collecting a solid piece of your bone marrow to test it completely. This biopsy is done earlier to sample it.
  • Gene testing is also done, this is a specific test.
  • The Polycthmiavera can also be the result of any sort of gene mutation. To examine the bone marrow, if his disease is due to any of the gene mutations the gene testing is done to check it completely.

Symptoms of Polycythemia Vera:

There are a variety of symptoms that refects to the disease of polycythemia vera. The most common symptoms are dizziness, headache, or patient cant see properly a blurred vision will occur.

Other particular symptoms are;

  • A person is having itching after taking a bath if he has this disease,
  • The Patient will feel numbness and bring feeling in hands and feet.
  • He will feel full after eating and he will feel pain in the legs and lower parts.
  • There will be bleeding in some areas for example; in gums and nose.
  • There will be swelling in the joins and some other areas.
  • While laying down, you will feel difficulty in taking a breath.

Causes of Polycythemia vera

This disease happens when there is a gene mutation that relates to the issue of Polycythemia vera disease. In a human body, there are three categories of components that blood contains they are; red blood cells, platelets, and the blood cells. All these three components are present in a limited and required range of concentration in our body.

It can be found in any person and any gender. This disease is found mostly in the age range of 50 to 75. The women found to have this disease at a young age unlike men get this in later ages.

In this disease the patient has a low blood flow rate, there will be more platelets in the blood, the blood will be abnormally thick leading to creating problems in the blood of the patient, this can only be cured of Veraceton.

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