Post-Polio Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options
Post-polio syndrome

Post-Polio Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options

Post-polio syndrome

 Post-polio syndrome is a condition that occurs in the patients of polio that are already recovered from the disease in the previous years. In this disease, the pants of Polio start noticing the weakness of their muscles again after they recovered from Polio disease. They have symptoms of weakness that affect their muscles and fatigue. The joints start degenerating that cause severe pain n this region and there will be skeletal deformities for example scoliosis wh is a common factor in this disease and results in another harmful effect called the weakness and muscle atrophy. In most of the cases, the patients face the minor signs of having Post Polio Syndrome but in other patients, it has Muscles and joints allotropy.


Post-Polio Syndrome is not much danger, it depends on individual to individual,. While there are many of the symptoms that dib the ability of the person to perform his task and work properly. The symptom of Respiratory muscle weakness makes it hard for the person to breathe properly, which disturbs the daily living works and functions of the body. Swallowing muscles when get weak they cause the aspiration of liquid and food particles that person eats into the lungs and it results in the disease of pneumonia.


Treatment of Post Polio Syndrome

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Symptoms of post-Polio Syndrom:

There are many symptoms of post-polio syndrome that affect the individual severely. Most of the symptoms are;

  • The patient will experience the Progressive muscle and joint weakness and pain
  • The patient will experience General fatigue and exhaustion with minimal activity
  • The patient will experience the Muscle atrophy
  • The patient will experience Breathing or swallowing problems
  • The patient will experience Sleep-linked breathing disorders, for example, sleep apnea
  • The patient will experience the Decreased tolerance of cold temperatures

Causes of Po Polio Syndrome: 

Much research was held to find out the exact cause of Post Polio Syndrome but not cure disease were found.

If apron suffers from the Polio disease then the nerve cells get affected that is called the motor neurons.

If a person has the io it will affect the other normal nerve cells also.

This will enhance the usage of Nerve cells results in recovery of the damaged cells.

This enlargement also compensate to nourish the other fibers that are present in that region.

Risk factors of Pos Polio Syndrome:

Some major factors are:

  •       Risk at Severity of initial polio infection.If the initial infection is more severe then, here are more chances that you will get the Post Polio Syndrome.
  •       Risk at Age at onset of initial illness.If a person gets Polio disease when he was an adult instead of having this disease in childhood then, there will be more chances that you will get the st Polio Syndrome disease.
  •       Risk of Excessive physical activity.When you do more exercise to get yourself fit, then keep this thing in mind that you are wasting more neurons of yours there are fewer neurons left to handle the body function so there will be even more chances that you have Post Polio Syndrome.



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