Cellulitis disease: What Is It and How To Get Rid Of It
Cellulitis disease

Cellulitis disease: What Is It and How To Get Rid Of It

Cellulitis disease

Cellulitis is a disorder that involves a bacterial infection. If the person is having Cellulitis his skin will swell and become red, pain occurs in the area of infection, and when touch it is warm.

Cellulitis disease is mostly seen in the lower body parts of an infected person, while it is the possibility that it occurs at the face, arm, or other parts of the body. The cause of this disease is commonly the entrance of bacteria or germ through the cut or wound that any person is having.

If this disease is not treated at the same time when it is diagnosed then this disease will reach the area of your lymph nodes firstly then to your bloodstream which will turn into very dangerous for the life of the person. This disease is not contagious as it cant spread among people.

Symptoms of Cellulitis disease:

The possible symptoms of the Cellulitis problem are given that are very important and helps in the diagnosis of this disease. These are;

· The patient will be having Red area of skin that tends to expand

· The patient will be having Swelling

· The patient will be having Tenderness

· The patient will be having Pain

· The patient will be having Warmth

· The patient will be having Fever

· The patient will be having Red spots

· The patient will be having Blisters

· The patient will be having Skin dimpling

Causes of Cellulitis disease:


This particular disease of Cellulitis occurs when certain bacteria that are streptococcus and staphylococcus, enters the body of the human being. 

Cellulitis is the disease that can be formed in any part of the body, Most common area where Cellulitis occurs is the lower leg area. The bacteria mostly attack the area of the body where recently the surgery has occurred to any wound is present or the cuts are present. These all are the things that act as the open gate for the bacteria.

One more important cause of Cellulitis is the bite of the animal. Apart from the cuts or wounds or surgery, the bacteria can also enter the body where they found the dry, flaky, or swollen skin.

Complications of Cellulitis:


If Cellulitis occurs in many areas and frequently the person is facing the problem of Cellulitis then there is a high risk of affecting the lymphatic drainage system badly and cause chronic swelling will occur at the affected limb.

Mostly the deep damages caused by the Cellulitis affect the deep layers of skin called fascial lining. Necrotizing fasciitis is the most suitable example of deep-layer infection. In this infection, the patient is in a serious emergency to treat.

The major symptoms that count as spreading the Cellulitis more are;

  • If the patient is having more drowsiness
  • If the patient is having more lethargy
  • If the patient is having more blisters
  • If the patient is having more red streaks

Certain infections affect your skin very much such as:

  • If there are cuts
  • If there are bug bites
  • If there are surgical wounds

Diagnosis of Cellulitis:

It can easily be diagnosed just by having an examination on your skin. The main thing to examine to identify this disease are;

  • If the person is experiencing the swelling of the skin
  • If the person is experiencing the redness and warmth of the affected area
  • If the person is experiencing the swollen glands

The doctor will see how much you re affected by this specific disease, it all depends on the occurrence of your skin. In most of the cases, doctors have the sample of your blood then make a complete test to check the existence of bacteria in your blood.

Treatment of Cellulitis:

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