What Is Bell’s Palsy, And What Are The Symptoms?
Bell's palsy

What Is Bell’s Palsy, And What Are The Symptoms?

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is the disease in which the person feels the weakness in his facial muscles. In most cases, this weakness is for a short time and it will heal as time pass. This disease causes the face to be droop and appear to be droop. When the person smiles, the smile is only one-sided other side is drooped, and the person’s eye will resist the closing.

the second name is acute peripheral facial palsy that can be caused by different reasons, Bell Palsy can occur at any stage of age. The exact cause of Bell’s palsy disease is unknown. 

In most of the people, disease is temporary.  But in some other people get it for the lifetime and get its symptoms for the lifetime. can occur again and again n most of the people.

Treatment of Bell’s palsy:

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Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy:

The sign and symptoms of Bell Palsy that occurs in the person, these symptoms are :

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Rapid onset of mild weakness that turns into total paralysis that affects one side of our face that occurs within hours into the days.

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Facial droop and difficulty making facial expressions, such as closing your eye or smiling

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Drooling

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Pain around the jaw or in behind ear on the affected side

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Increased sensitivity to sound on the affected side

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Headache

·        The person with might get A loss of taste

·        The person with Bell’s Palsy might get Changes in the number of tears and saliva you produce

In case, the Beall’s palsy can weaken the muscles of the side of the person’s face.

Causes of Bell’s Palsy:

The main and major cause of Bell’s Palsy no fully understood. In most of the researches, it is fonded that it might get from the viral infection if it occurred due to viral infection then a person might et following symptoms:

·        The person might suffer from Cold sores and genital herpes

·        The person might suffer from Chickenpox and shingles

·        The person might suffer from Infectious mononucleosis

·        The person might suffer from Cytomegalovirus infections

·        The person might suffer from Respiratory illnesses

·        The person might suffer from German measles

·        The person might suffer from Mumps

·        The person might suffer from Flu

·        The person might suffer from Hand-foot-and-mouth disease

Risk factors of Bell’s Palsy:

Bell’s palsy disease can be seen in people in following people;

·        Bell’s Palsy can be seen in women who are pregnant, especially in the third trimester, or women in the first week after giving birth

·        Bell’s Palsy can be seen in people who Have an upper respiratory infection.

·        Bell’s Palsy can occur in people having diabetes

The recurrent attacks in the Patients of Bell are rare in the people. But in such situations, the family history also includes the recurrent attacks of Bell’s that tends to verify that bell’s can run from generation to generation as it is an inherited disease.

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